GUI container on the *Docker*

We are going to launch jupyter notebook on container

Step 1: Create Dockerfile

To launch jupyter notebook we first need to install


In Dockerfile , first…

In the era of internet, huge amount of data is generated and it is said that Data is the Oil of Digital Economy. But raw data is not valuable , the value is created when it is gathered completely and accurately, connected to other relevant data, and done so…

Face Verified!

Recently, many exams are online and proctored and at the start of test our faces get verified

But how is it verified?

AI helps us here.

Artificial Intelligence means we are training machines to think like humans. But for greater accuracy we need huge amount of data which is not easy to collect.

What is Openshift ?

Red Hat OpenShift is an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise application development and deployment.

What’s in it ?

1) Container host and runtime

Red Hat OpenShift ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS for the Kubernetes master, and…

Hey, did you check the new filter on Instagram ?

We often are excited to use new features that come on various apps

Ever wondered how new features keep on coming in an app in such a short time?

For many enterprises, continuous delivery is key to enabling them…

Yukta chakravarty

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